Bodycam Used To Defend Officer In Groping Case

Just another example that bodycam’s will bring more justice for and civilians. In the long run these cameras will help officers, reduce shootings and create more transparency.  Oh yeah! And tons of free entertainment!

Deputies say the bodycam video showed no evidence of and that McElhinny was intoxicated. In the video, it shows McElhinny pulling over on the wrong side of the road off Highway 33 in Halls.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office says this is an accusation that they do not take lightly. Investigators say the case was cleared quickly because of the body cameras worn by the officer accused and three others there to help.

“That accusation hanging over an officer’s head can be very detrimental to his career. This is a good officer who did absolutely nothing wrong and was accused of a vile crime, a Class B felony. This is very serious and these cameras were put in place to protect the public from bad officers and to protect our officers from the bad public,” said Lee Tramel, the chief of administration at KCSO.

McElhinny has been arrested and charged with making a false report. KCSO is not releasing the officer’s name because they believe in this case he is the victim.

Margaret McElhinny was initially pulled over for a DUI check on November 8. When she was taken to the jail, she claimed she was groped and fondled by the arresting officer.

from Bodycam video exonerates Knox County deputy in groping case | WKRN News 2