Dad beaten by officers Over Mistaken Identity Had No Criminal Record

I hope these officers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law!  Hard to believe they handled this situation appropriately.  Apparently the man below is who the officers were looking for.  Can you see the resemblance?

SAN ANTONIO — A man beaten by three San Antonio Police officers last year is paralyzed from the chest down after complications during surgery to repair his injured spine, his family confirmed to the KENS 5 I-Team.Roger Carlos, 43, was paralyzed during surgery November 3 at a San Antonio area hospital.

Roger Carlos, 43, was paralyzed during surgery November 3 at a San Antonio area hospital.

Doctors have performed multiple surgeries on Carlos’s neck and upper spine to relieve pain and pressure from herniated discs, following his May 2014 beating at the hands of two SAPD SWAT officers and a drug task force officer.

Carlos’s wife, Ronnie, told the I-Team Friday that a piece of bone broke off and compressed against his spinal cord during the Nov. 3 procedure.

“Its hard to see it, its hard to believe that something like this occurred over a mistaken identity. That is the hardest thing that has happened to us,” Ronnie Carlos said.

“People need to stand up and say something about it. Just because a police officer has a right to do something like that based on a law that protects them, it’s not right, it’s not right,” Ronnie said.

The couple has three sons, all under the age of ten.

“Carelessness, just carelessness of these three officers, not realizing that they ruined his life,” Ronnie added.

 Two of the officers, identified in suspension paperwork as Carlos Chavez and Virgilo Gonzalez, remain on the SWAT team, the city’s human resources department confirmed Friday.
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