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Good Cop Bad Cop The Problem With a Few Bad Apples Explained

People are always quick to point out its a few bad police officers that ruin it for the rest. In some ways that is true, but in other ways its a weak argument. The bad apples are bad because they got caught!  In the McDonald case there was more than one bad apple. At what point does law enforcement weed out the bad apples before they go rotten!

The is far more complex than one officer shooting a suspect 16 times. The real area that should be examined is how the department and other officers handled the investigation and evidence. Below is a quote from the Burger District Manger:

The surveillance video released Friday shows an officer in a bulletproof vest sitting at a desk in the back of the restaurant while another officer paces behind him. At one point, the officer appears to use his phone to either snap a photo from the screen or compare the video with an image on the phone. Other exterior cameras reveal a normal evening unfolding at 9:13, with the blue mars lights of squad cars blazing when the video resumes at 10:39.’

The manager, Jay Darshane, said all cameras and video recorders were on and working properly the night of the shooting.  

“We had no idea they were going to sit there and delete files.  I mean we were just trying to help the police officers,” Darshane said.

When asked if he was sure they the files, he said, “yes.”


Kirk has a message that he wants viewers to take away from watching the video. “My message was not to discredit the policemen that do their job,” he said. “Our system lets it continue because they won’t hold the police responsible.”


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